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Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

Both love it and hate it, obviously. The stuff I write is clearly superior to everyone else's (except when it's not).

Fanfiction that's well written and keeps the characters IN CHARACTER is good, but there's some atrocious stuff out there which makes no sense.

One thing that does baffle me is the insistance by some writers that absolutely everyone is gay. Some people are, most aren't. If you're going to pair up unlikely couples, at least stick to a sane ratio of same sex ones. And write it well. Please people, write it well.

Writer's Block: Book worms unite!

The Many Coloured Land (and the sequels) by Julian May. Okay, so it's fairly silly sci fi/fantasy, but it's vast in scope, consistantly characterised and very original.

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. I loved it as a kid, and have re-read it as an adult and still enjoyed it. I mourned when they made the god-awful film.

and... wait for it...

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. Yes, it is a picture book. But it is the perfect example of a picture book for small kids. I love it. My kids love it. The kids in the Primary school I visit as a storyteller love it. It's even better than the Gruffalo, and that's saying something.

Eragon. Bought for my stepson. Read to see what I was giving him. Sorry, but a literal rendition of the hero's journey published by your dad does not make a good book. It's vanity publishing for the privileged.

About half a chapter of Twilight. In my defence, I knew I would hate it, but my friend's teenage daughter had been given the book, and reacted with such horror that we both felt it necessary to see what she, a noted bookworm, would refuse to read. It's bad fanfiction, published. End of.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I read this at school, and got in massive trouble for writing an essay on why it was an awful book. Despite pissing off the teacher, and instigating a mini rebellion (English Lit essays in my class became a lot less 'party line') I still got an A as I argued my case well. Tess is pathetic. The plot is unlikely, and it really shouldn't be so revered, but hey it's old so it must be good.

MUSE The Resistance

Okay, so it's not writing, but I have to say it:

The Resistance by Muse is the best album I have ever heard.

I recently discovered Spotify, but have been listening through my rubbish old speakers. Got hold of the decent ones this evening, and bloody hell, the album is even better on decent kit.

On the up side, unlimited access to brilliant music and a sudden increase in available writing time has meant that I'm getting around to some serious electron bothering (like writing, but computer-based) although the current story Leporid is not something I ever thought I would find myself writing, even it is a rather funny idea.


Mr Guilty and I are currently working our way through Heroes series 1. When it was originally shown on TV in the UK I only managed to watch 3 episodes before I decided that: a) I couldn't follow it; b) I thought it was overrated, and c) I wanted to murder Nicole's too-cute son.

But earlier this week, a friend of ours lent us the DVDs and I gave it another go.

I take back what I said before - it's actually pretty good. And you can't really go wrong when there's unexpected Christopher Eccleston. I didn't know he was in it, so to have him suddenly show up was something of a surprise. Add to that the fact that one of his first lines was, "Fantastic!" and you have one very happy me on your hands.

I do wonder if that was intentional, as later in the same episode(? we watched rather a lot last night) there was a rather blatant nod to Star Trek that reduced Mr Guilty to a squeeing fangirl. He was pretty impressed when Hiro's abductor turned out to be his dad, played by George Takei. But when he leaves to go home to Japan -

Me: *watches Hiro's dad get into the car*
Mr G: *bounces like a 5 year old on a sugar high* Did you see that? Did you see it? That's -so- great.
Me: What?
Mr G: Rewind it! Rewind it! You have to see this...
Me: Okay, but what? What am I supposed to see?
DVD: *rewinds*
Mr G: The car number plate. Look at the number plate.
Me: Okaaaaaaay. NC-1701. And?
Mr G: *starry eyed* Star Trek! That's the designation of the Enterprise. They gave Sulu an Enterprise numberplate.
Me: And you laughed at -me- when I was grinning like an idiot when Claude said "Fantastic!"?

This just goes to prove that no matter how geeky I am, I have NOTHING on my husband.

In other news I'm trying to decide if I want to accompany Mr Guilty and his friend Comic Book Nut to see Watchmen at the cinema. They're both keen to go, and I'm quite tempted, but I'm not a massive fan of really graphic violence - The Dark Knight was about as gory as I'm willing to go. It's not because I'm particularly squeamish, some of my original fiction is pretty damn dark in places, but I find that too much blood and guts annoys me as it's often unncessary to the plot.
I know this is supposed to be my fic journal, but normal service is currently suspended due to Act of Dentist.

I'm trying to work on another story in my Closed Loop series, but keep getting sidetracked by Ten/Rose smut that I know I will never in a million years finish.  Not that it matters, as I am barely coherent due to having porridge for brains - I don't get on well with local anaesthetics (and you don't want to know how many tries that took me to type).

Root fillings are most definitely NOT GOOD.



Following a thread on the doctor who comm, I have a rather nebulous plot bunny lurking in my skull, but I'm struggling to pin it down and make any sense of it.

Basically, it boils down to sticking the HHGG characters into the premise of a Doctor Who episode and having them trash it.  Trouble is, it needs to have Jack in it and really, for the sake of my writing, 10. Because, let's face it, Ford is 10 with a drink problem and responsibility issues.

But the episodes with Jack and 10 aren't really suitable for what I want to do - Utopia perhaps, but that ends with the Master coming back, which gets into more serious territory that I'm happy with, and likewise with the gamestation and 9.


Doctor Who: Closed Loop (Donna, Jack) PG

A/N: This is a follow on from my first Doctor Who fic Pockets. It didn't follow the path I originally planned, turning into the millennia-spanning demon below. Please excuse the formatting, I can't get on with LJ.

Donna Noble isn't anyone's shadow...Collapse )

Doctor Who: Manners

Four drabbles, written for Mr Guilty, who shares the Doctor's views on sticky things in jars.

How do his companions deal with the Doctor's complete lack of manners?Collapse )